Hair Color Change.r - Hair Styles Salon & Recolor Booth Editor For My Dye & Haircuts App Reviews

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Great to be able to try different colors so I can see what looks best. This will help when I talk to my hair stylist. Some people need cooler undertones and some warm so this is an easy way to see which is better.

Doesn’t work on dark hair

If you use a light color on dark hair, it hardly makes a difference. Also you have to color it in yourself so it’s not very accurate.

So fake looking

It works if you like to literally paint your hair with colors instead of trying on different wigs.

Not good if you want to go. From blond to brunette or vise versa

So basically you "draw" over your hair in the photo and it overlays up to a 50% opacity tint in the selected area. I'm super blond and wanting to see what I'd look like as a brunette- there is no way to get it dark enough with the 50% opacity limit. The darkest color makes me look grey/mousey. This is perfect for people wanting pastel/mermaid hair though.


So many ads that you can't actually figure out how to use the app. Garbage. Beware.

Not that good

This app is very bad it looks so unreal and it is stupid

For the upgrade


Useless.... total waste of time

Useless.... total waste of time


Didn't really like the app, it sucked you couldn't color black or blond hair, and there were too many ads!!! 🙄


The only reason it has 5 stars is because you have to review it 5 stars to unlock features. It doesn't work well and a huge waste, again DO NOT BUY!


It's like paint for Microsoft.


It is a god app but it is not a solid color on brown like it shows on the picture. But other than That is is a great app!👍

Waste of time

Useless app

Suckiest app Ever!

Using this app is tricky unless you have the manual dexterity to get into the hard to reach areas and color the hair without smudging outside the lines. What a waste of creation.


I wanted to see what my hair would look like black but the colors are sooo light they all look the same I would give this app 0 stars if I could! Don't waste your time.

Zero star.

It doesn't look real I wanted to joke with my friends look at my hair it is pink ahhhhh lol. But now I am going to look at a different app. And it has a ad every one second.

Love it!!

It helped me chose what color I dyed my hair and it looks really good


I mean this is horrible I wish I could give zero stars if I were you I would not get it

Stupid asf

I hope the creators die.




😒 no help at all.


Great app

Doesn't work for dark hair colors

Well time to delete the app. No wonder they only show before & after photos with blonde hair.


The structure of this app is terrible I have no clue why there are good ratings couldn't do anything you should be able to do

Useless app

This app is garbage, you can't actually get the results posted in the pics on the App Store. All the 5 star reviews are people trying to get free upgrades. Will not give you actual pics of what hair looks like colored, deleting.

Don't waste your time

Did you read the title? I spent 5 mins on here - time I'll never get back.


Only writing for upgrade

Garbage Spam

Just keeps redirecting you for spam waste of time, total garbage

This is a review

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This app is so poor. Don't get it.

Garbage App

This app doesn't do anything without connecting you to another site.


Terrible app


Horrible!I don't like this and it will be gone




I have blonde hair and I tried to put on black and it wasn't even dark enough to pass for a grey... the other colors weren't very good either!


I have to color in my own hair each time i wanna see different colors?? Stupid.

Screw your upgrades

This app is not for people with dark hair. Won't look realistic what so ever.


Is This App Free?? :/

Idiotic. Poor version of paint.

This was a waste of 5 minutes of my life. I'm offended I had to take more time to delete the app. I rarely review apps. It was so bad I felt I had to warn others.

Worst thing ever

I wanted to get this app but I looked at all the reviews and it was horrible I got it but then I refused

It's so bad I immediately deleted the app

I don't understand at first at how this badly made app could receive 5 stars out of 3k's reviews. After I read most of the reviews then I understood. People, do yourself a favour and find a better application. This is so bad that the only thing I did after tried it was laughing myself silly at my first try out.


Just so I can get all the features


horrible app

Coloring book

This was worthless. Makes you think the photo will digitally apply another color and all it does is let you color like a five year old on your picture. Worth what it costs.


Doesn't work.

For blonds only

Pretty much only works on those with blond or light hair.


This is the dumbest app ever. I test software for a living and It is not user-friendly. It doesn't let you "try" different hair styles & colors. You just take a picture of yourself & then you can PAINT your hair. Like the PAINT tool that's been on your computer since the 1980s! Seriously. The buttons don't make sense. It's a guessing game of trust & error. You're just clicking buttons to see what each one does. Only to find out this app is ridiculous. Thank God it was free. Deleting it off my phone.



Waste of time and horrible

Doesn't work at all. It's just a Microsoft paint with your pictures


find a better one

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